No Fee Medical Alert System

non-monitored medical alert. no fee medical alert

How does a no fee medical alert system stack up against a monitored system? The major difference between no fee systems and subscription medical alerts is the way the medical alerts are monitored. A no fee medical alert is sometimes called a non-monitored medical alert because when the help button is pressed, it goes directly to 911 or to family members rather than a monitoring center with trained EMTs.

Some no fee medical alert systems allow you to customize the dialing protocol, which means the user can pick whether it dials family members or 911 first. Other no fee medical alerts dial 911 directly without alerting family members. The disadvantage to having family members called first without the assistance of a monitoring center is that sometimes calls go to family members who don’t answer the phone or don’t realize it is a medical emergency.

Now let’s say the user’s non monitored medical alert goes directly to 911. 911 operators send emergency responders regardless of the situation. While this is a good thing, if the non monitored medical alert user cannot speak, the priority of their call could be extremely low in some jurisdictions since the 911 operator will have no idea what the nature of the emergency is. This means instead of getting help within minutes, 10, 20 or 30 minutes could go by before help arrives. This is if they get the signal.

Now let’s say the alarm was never working, but because there weren’t weekly tests (you can’t call 911 once a week without getting into trouble), the alarm doesn’t work. Now you are stuck without help entirely. Unlike a no fee medical alert system, our medical alert systems test automatically. We even call you if the pendant battery is running low and provide you with a replacement. Additionally, the medical alert pendants are all under warranty. This means, if there is an issue, we replace it free of charge through the duration you are a client with us.

You have to ask yourself, would you rather save a little money (with our systems, there are no equipment charges) over the short term, or would it be better to have certified EMTs answering your emergency calls. Additionally we keep health information on file and provide a free lockbox. If the door is locked, the first responders are forced to break down the door. This alone will cost you more money than a lifetime of monitoring service. The lockbox securely holds a spare key to assist the responders with quick and easy access. At Prime, we can provide a no fee medical alert system, but the choice is clearly pointing in the other direction. If you have any questions, give us a call 24/7/365 at the 800 number on the top of the page. 

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