Prime Service for LifeSentry

We offer many Prime Medical Alert systems, with one of our most popular being Logicmark Life Sentry. The Logicmark Life Sentry unit allows you to communicate anywhere in your home. Unlike many other emergency medical alarms, the on-person pendant contains a speaker, allowing the wearer to speak to 911 operators with perfect clarity anywhere in the house. If you do not have a home telephone line click here.

The unit represents the next generation of emergency medical alarm technology. Logicmark took into account years of medical alert activity in order to improve the existing systems when creating LifeSentry. With long battery life, this is a great option for seniors who spend time both inside and outside.


Two-way voice communication built in
Communicate with 911 dispatcher anywhere in a 5,000 square foot home
Water resistant pendant
24 hour battery backup
Programmed by Prime Medical Alert

Product Features

The Life Sentry unit allow the user considerable freedom of movement without worry as to the range of the unit. As with all Prime Medical Alert systems, you are allow considerable customization as to who is notified during an emergency and how dispatch of first responders is handled.

Like the Linear PERS-2400 and other traditional medical alert systems, the Logicmark unit is supported by the same 24/7 911 monitoring. With no long term contracts and competitive pricing, Prime Medical Alert offers you the opportunity to try Life Sentry, whether you’re a first time user or someone who would like to upgrade a previous generation system. As with everything we sell, we believe that our products will demonstrate their worth to you.