Climax Fall Detection Medical Alert

Prime Service for Climax

The Climax Medical Series is a flexible medical alert package that includes automatic fall detection. This unit has the capability to detect the wearer falling to the ground, allowing automatic dispatch even in the case of the user being incapacitated and unable to communicate. This is accomplished
through a built-in accelerometer, which measures the speed of the unit and detects a fall.

Prime Medical Alert’s emergency monitoring center can automatically dispatch first responders in the event of a fall. The unit
also has an SOS button, similar to other medical alerts, which can be used for any type of emergency. A person of any age can use this device, but it is especially useful for those who are at risk of falling or have communication issues. As with all Prime Medical Alert units, you can customize your response protocols to contact family, friends, or neighbors in the event of an emergency. This unit can be used without a home phone line if needed. Call us today for more information.

The Climax unit can either be connected through a landline or wirelessly through a cellular connection.

The Climax is a great unit for seniors who are still highly mobile around the house. Since it works in the shower, the user is able to keep it on through their entire daily routine. The button is inset to prevent false alarms and allows the user to sleep with the Climax unit on. Similar to the other systems Prime offers, you simply press the button and the operator’s voice comes directly through the base.

Climax Fall Detection Medical Alert Pendant

Product Features

Like the LifeSentry and other traditional medical alert systems, the Climax system is supported by Prime Medical Alert’s same 24/7 911 monitoring. With no long term contracts and competitive pricing, Prime Medical Alert offers you the opportunity to try Climax, whether you’re a first time medical alert user, or someone who would like to upgrade a previous generation system. As with everything we sell, we believe our products will demonstrate their worth to you.

Landline or cellular medical alert
Can automatically detect most falls
Water Resistant (works in the shower)
Best unit for people with communication issues
Programmed by Prime Medical Alert
T-Mobile or AT&T wireless network