Next Alert Mobile Medical Alert System

Prime Service for NextAlert

The NextAlert unit allows communication directly through the pendant, both inside and outside the house. It does not require a phone line and works over its own, independent cellular network. In the event of an emergency, our operators are able to contact your loved ones and first responders simultaneously.

The NextAlert unit does not require a landline or have a base unit. Unlike other systems that have multiple pendants for inside or outside the house, the NextAlert only has one necklace, preventing confusion. The NextAlert is a great unit for seniors who still spend time outside of their house, or who are highly mobile around the house. Since it works in the shower, the user is able to keep it on through their entire daily routine. The button is inset to prevent false alarms and allows the user to sleep with the NextAlert on. Similar to the other systems Prime offers, you simply press the button and the operator’s voice comes directly through the necklace.


Mobile medical alert unit
Works up to 2 months on a single charge
Water Resistant (works in the shower)
U-TDOA Location Technology
Programmed by Prime Medical Alert


Product Features

The NextAlert system allows the user to remain completely mobile, as the unit is cellular and is not tethered to the telephone line. The NextAlert also offers on-person speakers that allow easy communication with 911 monitoring operators. NextAlert technology allows 911 responders to locate you in the event of an emergency when you push the button.

Like the LifeSentry and other traditional medical alert systems, the NextAlert system is supported by Prime Medical Alert’s same 24/7 911 monitoring. With no long term contracts and competitive pricing, Prime Medical Alert offers you the opportunity to try NextAlert, whether you’re a first time medical alert user, or someone who would like to upgrade a previous generation system. As with everything we sell, we believe our products will demonstrate their worth to you.

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