Medical Alert Services

Making Things Easy:
How We Can Keep Things Simple


The Prime Commitment

At Prime Medical Alert, we don’t believe clients should have to make a long term commitment to us in order to use medical alert services. We also don’t believe in charging installation and activation fees for our landline connected medical alert service units. We are delighted to have you as clients—it’s enough for us, even if it’s not for our competitors.

No Long Term Contracts
Free Shipping
No Activation/Start-Up Fees
Landline/Home Phone Line Not Required

Prime Medical Alert provides medical alert services for you in a variety of ways. We strive to customize our services as much as possible for your specific needs. One of our agents will work with you to help create a great and affordable plan to keep you or your loved one safe at home. We also offer value medical alarm service plans for year-long sign ups. You can save quite a bit of money with one of these. If you are already using our service this could be a great option for you.

Loyalty and Trust

Instead of nickel and diming our customers we believe that trust and loyalty are gained by treating you well from the beginning. There are no fees for shipping, with the units shipped as priority mail, they arrive within 1-3 business days. Let us know if you need the order expedited and our representatives will accommodate your needs.

Making Things Easy:
How We Can Keep Things Simple


Providing 24/7 Assistance

Prime Medical Alert, first and foremost, is designed to be there when you need us. All of our units automatically test their own systems and report errors. Prime Medical Alert also replaces any damaged equipment as long as all the malfunctioning equipment is returned. We will also keep you posted about any potential savings if we lower our prices.

Simply Press Your Medical Alert Button

As soon as the client presses the button, our facility receives a signal, which we then process. Instead of calling 911, as part of our medical alert services offered, our operators directly dispatch to your local responders; we operate in the same manner as an actual 911 facility. This saves a significant amount of time when our clients are in distress.

If you are using the eResponder mobile unit, they will verify the location and then send help. Pertinent medical information is given to the first responders and simultaneously emergency contacts are notified. We are able to dispatch the ambulance, fire department, or police department with any emergency call.

Find Out Which System Best Suits Your Needs

Whether you are interested in the eResponder (does not require a phone line and is for use both inside and outside), the LifeSentry (where you can speak directly into the necklace) medical alert alert service, or the Linear PERS service (the standard medical alert system), we are able to accommodate you. Rest assured, knowing that with any of our emergency medical alerts, you can expect the highest quality service at the lowest price.

Prime’s 911 operators are on call for you 24/7 as part of our standard medical alert service our units. For non-emergencies, our central sales office in Phoenix, Arizona can provide you with information regarding the operation of your unit or any other problems you may encounter. Maintaining high quality service for you is our highest priority.