Prime Service for Linear

The Linear PERS-2400 is a tried and true unit for seniors in need of in-home monitoring. The Linear PERS is an easy to install medical alert alarm unit that comes pre-programmed from the offices of Prime Medical Alert. When you receive the unit, you simply plug it into a home telephone line, plug in the power cord, and the unit is ready to go. If you do not have a home telephone line click here.

The unit is a durable and easy to use solution for those who need added security in the home for reasons of poor or declining health. A single base unit can be connected to one or more on-person bracelets or necklaces. The pendants are waterproof, allowing them to be worn at all times, even while bathing. The batteries in the necklaces and bracelets last 3-5 years which means there is virtually no maintenance on your part. Battery level is monitored by our company, so we can send a replacement if your battery is low.


24/7 911 Monitoring from Certified EMTs
Reliable industry standard unit
32 hour backup battery in the event of power outage
Speaker powerful enough for whole home coverage: 400ft transmitter range
Units pre-programmed before shipping or installation
Set up customized monitoring to fit your needs and situation.

Product Features

The Linear PERS-2400 unit allow the user considerable freedom of movement without worry as to the range of the unit. As with all Prime Medical Alert systems, you are allow considerable customization as to who is notified during an emergency and how dispatch of first responders is handled.

The Linear PERS-2400 and similar to our other medical alert systems, are supported by the 24/7 911 monitoring. With no long term contracts and competitive pricing, Prime Medical Alert offers you the opportunity to try the Linear PERS, whether you’re a first time user or someone who would like to upgrade a previous generation system. As with everything we sell, we believe that our products will demonstrate their worth to you.