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Automatic Fall Detection System

For those whose situation requires that they have a unit that has the capability to handle an emergency response automatically, the NextAlert II could be a good choice for you. This system is a cellular system similar to the original NextAlert, but it also includes an accelerometer, which is able to detect a standing person falling to the ground. This unit also uses GPS technology, allowing Prime’s monitoring center to dispatch emergency responders to the emergency location without having to communicate with the person in need.

The NextAlert II is waterproof and can be worn in the shower and used in any location with cellular service on the Verizon Wireless network, T-Mobile, or AT&T depending on the choice of the customer. This unit is very low maintenance though because it has more functions than a standard unit, it does require more frequent charging.

Product Features

The NextAlert II comes with a charging cradle for the bedside to remind the user to charge their unit and to stabilize it in the evening time to prevent it from falling off the nightstand or getting lost. Because the unit is cellular, unit range is not an issue provided that there is cell service in the area. The unit can be used even when visiting family or on vacation.

As with all Prime Medical Alert units, emergency response protocols are customizable to the user. Customers can elect to notify friends and/or family members in the event of an emergency that requires hospitalization. Monitoring service are available 24/7 from certified EMTs. This is a great system choice, especially for people with language or communication issues. If you would like to order a system or have other questions, contact Prime Medical Alert through the button below or give us a call today.

24/7 Monitoring from Certified EMTs
Automatic Fall Detection
Cellular unit – no movement restrictions
Pre-Programmed – just charge and use
Customizable responses – choose what you want to happen