Hospice Medical Alert System

If you are on hospice and looking for a medical alert pendant or bracelet, there are many precautions you should take. Prime Medical Alert understands this and our hospice medical alert system provides the perfect solution.

Since you do not want the first responders notified as a Hospice patient (except maybe in the event of a fire or a dispatch of the police), you need to make sure that the hospice medical alert system is backed by a highly trained monitoring center. Our monitoring center is staffed with 100% EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) that answer the calls. This is pretty much the same thing as a private 911 center. They are experienced in handling nearly every emergency and are fast and effective. We work closely with a lot of hospices nationwide and are able to provide their clients premium service at affordable prices. Instead of dispatching to the first responders (ambulance/paramedics), we are able to directly call the hospice facility instead. Most hospice organizations have a 24 hour emergency on-call phone line. Once the emergency is reported to us, we are able to accurately report the emergency to the hospice on-call staff. Additionally, we can notify family members if necessary.

With our service, in the event of no response, we still respond according to the client’s plans. This is why our hospice medical alert system is the perfect solution for those on hospice. Simply press the bracelet or necklace the user is wearing and the main unit will dial out. As soon as it’s connected to our central monitoring station, an operator will come on and ask if the client needs assistance. If there is no response, the operator will disconnect and call the home phone to make sure it wasn’t an emergency. If still no response, the operator will follow the dispatch plan. A dispatch plan can include calling the Hospice agency and emergency contacts until they answer so that they are able to help and comfort the client in their time of need. A lot of other competitors have notoriously overlooked the pre-designated dispatch plan. With a hospice medical alert system, we know you are on hospice and we know how important it is to follow the plan’s every detail.

Please request more information to find out about our Hospice medical alert system and how Prime Medical Alert can help you live independently. Additionally, we are available to answer any questions you might have 24/7 if you call us toll free at 1-800-723-6442.

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