A Medical Alert You Can Speak Into

For the past 20 years or so, there have been few options where you can actually speak directly into the medical alert necklace or bracelet. With the Medipendant, our customers are able to enjoy more freedom while knowing they can simply press the button to summon an operator directly on their necklace. The operators voice is loud and clear, further facilitating emergency communications. 

Another great feature with this necklace is that it is entirely water resistant. This means that the user can take it with them while in the shower, not be afraid to get it wet while gardening, doing the dishes, and completing many other household activities. 

Similar to our other systems, the user can add a list of emergency contacts, as well as pertinent health and medical information. If they wish to custimze dispatch, such as dispatch a friend, neighbor, or anybody else before the emergency services, they simply let us know on the dispatch form. The Medipendant is light and attractive and a great way to enjoy your independence at home!

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