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Shoes To Prevent Falls

It may be surprising, but simply changing the shoes one wears may help prevent falls by a drastic amount. Even though you may think you are providing yourself or a loved one with good support by buying them athletic shoes or loafers, often times they can either provide too much traction which can cause them to get caught on surfaces like carpet, or can be too slick on the bottom which can cause them to slip on a tile like surface. Athletic shoes may provide great support at places like the gym, or while running outside. However, if the surface becomes wet, athletic shoes can easily slip. This may be obvious, but it is important to avoid shoes that don’t fit well (either too tight or too loose). Lastly, make sure the shoes do not have a heavy rubber sole or have rubber over the toes. All of these put you at a higher risk for falls. So what type of shoes should I wear to prevent falls?

The majority of the articles suggest wearing walking shoes. Personally, I did not know there was a difference between walking and running shoes. After going to the shoe store, they did indeed have a different section. Laced shoes are best choice. They can be adjusted for swelling in the feet and can make it possible to wear custom orthotics. If the person wearing the shoes has trouble getting into and out of their shoes, consider elastic laces. This makes it much easier to slip in and out and will naturally adjust to swelling and other issues. One more thing to avoid is the shoes with a lot of air in them. It may feel nice to walk on, but all in all, creates instability which leads to falling. Now obviously, not every fall can be prevented, but reducing the risk of falling is our key goal. Getting shoes to prevent falls is always a good option no matter our age but it is of high importance for elderly individuals.

If you are elderly and do happen to fall, even with all the precautions taken, it is a good idea to have a back plan. Medical alert bracelet and necklaces are a good option to consider and will help the user stay safely independent as long as possible. If you have any question on a medical alert system or on shoes to prevent falls, click the request information button at the bottom of the page and we would be more than happy to answer them.

Linear PERS

Our most basic medical alert system; includes both a bracelet and necklace attachment.
Linear PERS Product Page


A mobile medical alert; speak directly to an operator through the wearable device.
eResponder Product Page


Speak directly through both the bracelet and necklace 24/7 to an EMT certified operator.
LifeSentry Product Page

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