Applying for the Prime Scholarship

The demand for nurses has been on the rise for over a decade. If we look at 2008-2010 alone, the RN workforce grew by 25%, while the number of LPNs grew by 15.5%. The demand for skilled nurses will continue to rise as baby boomers retire. To push demand even higher, nearly 33% of current nurses are fifty years of age or older so their retirement is not far off.

Training is very thorough for nurses because no two situations are the same. Hopeful nurses must take different courses, with college level programs existing at both two-year colleges and universities. Programs encompass varying levels of nursing education, each requiring different coursework and experience. We understand that it can become expensive so whether you’re aiming to be an RN or an LPN, you should take advantage of this scholarship.

Prime Scholarship Requirements

Open to applicants working towards a two-year or four-year degree.

Residency Requirements



Up to five students will be selected with a reward of $1000 each. Award varies depending upon the total number of applicants.


The scholarship renews each semester and must be submitted by July 31st for Fall applications or December 15th for Spring applications.

Terms and Conditions

1. Scholarship applications will only be reviewed if they are post-marked by the specified deadlines.
2. Scholarship applications will only be reviewed if they contain all of the required material as specified in the application.
3. After receiving your offer letter, you must accept or reject the scholarship within thirty days of receipt. If we receive no answer within the allotted time, we will select another applicant. Sending an offer letter does not guarantee the scholarship if you fail to accept within the time frame.
4. If you are selected, it is your responsibility to specify how you want the funds dispersed. Once Prime Medical Alert send the funds (based on the your preferred method), we are not responsible for lost or stolen money.

Click here for the Prime Scholarship: Prime Scholarship


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