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Questions to Ask a Medical Alert Company

Are you interested in getting a medical alert system, but have questions? This is the right place to start looking. There are a few questions you should ask any medical alert company. You should ask them where their monitoring station is located, if their monitoring station is UL certified, if their operators are trained and certified, whether the operators are accent neutral, if their equipment is up to date, and what their response time is. Once you have all these questions answered, you can then look at price. Obviously you don’t want to compromise quality for price, but with the immense number of companies out there, it is easy to get both a low price and high quality.

When it comes to price, make sure you are not locked into a contract and that there are no hidden fees like shipping. If they cannot tell you, it is probably not worth continuing the conversation with the company. Additionally, the company should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions. You never know when you might have a question as a user or a technical issue (technical issues should be rare and the majority we receive are questions about the units). Another question to ask a medical alert company is whether the company has a warranty, or if you are responsible if the unit malfunctions.

With a service like Prime Medical Alert, we only use monitoring stations that are UL certified. The employees we have that work at the monitoring stations are all EMT certified. This means you are getting paramedic quality operators and not just regular call center technicians. They are required to be accent neutral and have a minimum college degree, or military service requirement. Our response time is top notch and this is due to our high quality of service, high quality equipment, and training on our staff’s part.

With all of our medical alert systems, the shipping is free. Each medical alarm order also includes a free lockbox. The lockbox is used by emergency responders for easy access into the house. The lockbox holds a spare key with a combination and our call center will keep your code on file. This prevents first responders from breaking down the door or busting out a window if the client is unable to get to the door.

Another important question to ask a medical alert company is what happens in the event that the medical alert button is pressed, but there is no response from the client once the operator answers. We have new clients set up a customizable plan of action. For example, some clients have requested they be disconnected from the medical alert and called via phone before sending for the authorities. Most clients want an immediate dispatch, but some want their emergency contacts to be notified before dispatch. If we are unable to reach the emergency contacts then we automatically call dispatch. A final question to ask is how many emergency contacts you are allowed and if you can include health information on file. All of these are included with all plans of service from Prime Medical Alert.

If you have any other questions to ask a medical alert company, let us know and we would be happy to include them and answer them in this post. In the meantime, request more info and feel free to ask us anything you may be wondering.

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