No Landline/No Phone Line Medical Alert System Provider

When we first started Prime, nearly a decade ago, most of our customers had standard POTS (plane old telephone service). Since then, many of our clients have switched over to VoIP and many completely eliminated their home phones with cellular telephones. Up until recently we did not have a solution. However, with the release of our wireless medical alert systems, we are able to offer a no landline/no phone line medical alert system. Instead of devices that have a cellular chip embedded that need charging daily-weekly, this system is similar to our Traditional alarm. The necklace battery lasts around 4-5 years, and the no landline/no phone line medical alert system has virtually no maintenance. Additionally, the initial setup is the easiest out of all our systems. With the no landline/no phone line medical alert system, you simply plug the power chord in. Then you turn the off and on switch to the on position. The entire setup is now complete.

Similar to our other systems, with the no landline/no phone line medical alert system, the client gets a choice of a necklace or bracelet. On the necklace or bracelet is a button that can be pressed during an emergency. As soon as the client presses the button they are put in touch with an emergency operator. The operator has health information (optional), emergency contacts, and dispatch information on file. We can directly dispatch in an emergency which saves valuable time. Additionally, since we have health information (including medications, hospital of preference, existing and past conditions, etc.), we are able to pass this information along to the first responders to assist them. Additionally, the emergency contacts are notified of the situation. If it is not an emergency, emergency contacts can be notified instead of the first responders.

Also included with the no landline/no phone line medical alert system is a free lockbox. With this lockbox, the first responders are able to get into the house right away. Similar to the box real estate agents use, the lockbox has a combination and holds a spare key. Upon dispatch, Prime relays the combination to the emergency responders. Without a lockbox, the emergency responders are required to break the door down.

Now you don’t have to worry about having a phone line and get a no landline/no phone line medical alert system right away. Similar to our other systems, expedited shipping is included with each order. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to give us a call toll free at 800-723-6442.

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