Father’s Age Increases Risk of Autism & Schizophrenia

Previously, studies have only focused on older women having children but haven’t looked in depth into the risk older men having children. One Wednesday, the first study to quantify its effects was released. Older men are more likely to have children that develop autism and schizophrenia because of random mutations that occur with age. 

Experts however mentioned that even with this finding, it is not worth giving up having a kid. The overall risk of a man who is 40+ years old is around 2% and they are still looking into other factors as this article was written.

The study was done to look into the growing rate of autism cases in the over the past few decades; older fathering men could account for as many as 20-30 percent of all children with autism. 

The most important factor is that these studies overturn the long-standing notion that the age of the mother was the most important factor when considering developmental disorders. It is no doubt that the risk of Down syndrome increases with the age of the mother, but when it comes to some complex developmental and psychiatric problems, the lion’s share of the genetic risk originates in the sperm, not the egg, the study found.

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