Dizziness, Vertigo, and Imbalance

Working on increasing the strength of the vestibular system is a great place to start if you are experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance. The vestibular system contributes to movement and your sense of balance. There are several easy exercises that can help. 

You first want to work on loosening up the muscles of the neck and shoulders so that you are not confined to moving in one piece and the motion of the body is more fluid. You want your eyes to move independently of your head. Practicing balancing in normal, everyday situations with attention to eyes and muscles. Moving your head in an intentional way to cause dizziness. Moving around in different light situations – both low and high/day and night. Increasing confidence and making spontaneous movement easier.

The below exercises are meant to be started slowly and gradually increased in duration. The person doing the exercises should start on the bed, then move to sitting and eventually standing.

A. SITTING POSITION – without armrests
1. Eye exercises – at first slowly, then quickly
a) Up and down.
b) Side to side.
c) Repeat a and b, focusing on finger at arm’s length.
2. Head exercises – head movements at …

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