Linear PERS

Our most basic medical alert system; includes both a bracelet and necklace attachment.
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A mobile medical alert; speak directly to an operator through the wearable
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Speak directly through both the bracelet and necklace 24/7 to an EMT certified operator.
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Wear Your Medical Alert as a Belt Clip

The medical alert belt clip is an alternative to both the bracelet and the necklace. We send out all three attachments, however, giving our customers the option to switch between the bracelet, necklace, or belt clip at any time. This option is popular for those not interested in wearing the button. The medical alert belt clip is great for day-to-day activities around the house such as gardening and washing the car. The belt clip provides a more accessible means to press the button than just placing it in a pocket. Although most of our customers enjoy the other options, it is great for those that prefer or cannot wear the transmitter around their wrist or neck. As with the other options, it is extremely sleek, lightweight and has the same long range. Feel free to try out each one and choose your favorite.

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