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Finally, a light-weight mobile solution.

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Works in the Shower/Bath

Lasts up to 2 Months on a Single Charge

U-TDOA Location Technology

Device Works at Home and Away from Home

Starts at 29.95/month.

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If your are considering starting medical alert service, we are honored that you are considering Prime Medical Alert. Find out more information about medical alerts below.

Customize a System

Prime offers a variety of equipment options to ensure that maximum level of in home safety. You can also choose plan length and other options through our ordering system.

Service Plans

At Prime we offer a variety of service options. You don’t have to make a long term commitment before your are ready. No activation of installation charges with Prime.


Maintain Independence at Home

If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or a loved one in the home, a medical alert system can be a good option to provide you with security while maintaining your independence. Prime Medical Alert offers several high quality medical alert systems anyone can fit into their budgets and are designated for your specific needs. The basic medical alert system has no contract, no start-up fees, and includes a free lockbox. If you are looking for a system that does not require a landline phone mention the fact that you do not have a phone line and we can get you set up with the proper medical alert. Additionally, we offer a cellular alert that can pinpoint your location. It is not only water-resistant but you can speak through the device as well. At Prime, we understand that not every customer wants to make a long term commitment upfront or ever. We firmly believe that once you try our superior service, we will keep you as a customer for a long time. If you receive the unit and aren’t satisfied, simply send it back and we will issue you a full refund.


Our standard configuration typically includes a rugged and lightweight on-person device that connects with the base unit of our system. The on person device is worn at all times, even in the bath or shower, as well as any other situation that requires it to be waterproof. Pressing the button will bring a EMT operator on the line who can provide assistance in a crisis. The operators can dispatch the ambulance, fire-department, police department, or notify emergency contacts. The operators are able to keep special instructions on file as well as medical records so the first responders can be adequately prepared.


All Prime Medical Alert systems are monitored 24/7 by trained certified 911 specialists. You have a high degree of control over how your system works. Dispatchers can send out area first responders, or a neighbor, friend, or family member for non-life threatening situations. Our job and the job of our monitoring specialists is to ensure Prime works right every time.


We provide great service, and we will do just about anything to get you to give Prime Medical Alert at try. We match pricing from comparable medical alert equipment from any of our competitors. There are a few different options of different medical alert companies to choose from, but our aggressive pricing, systems tailored to your specific needs and lack of commitment requirements should bring your business to us.


Prime Medical Alert offers you a variety of options to choose the plan that is right for you. If you are ready to make a year long commitment, Prime can lower the cost for you, saving you about a quarter of a year in monthly dues. All of our medical alert units are backed by the high quality of Prime, and we are ready to give you unbeatable pricing. Every Prime unit comes with a free lock box and free shipping.