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Traditional Medical Alert System



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LifeSentry Medical Alert System

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Our clients and their loved ones depend
on Prime for independence, safety,
and peace-of-mind.

Millions of Americans use medical alerts for peace-of-mind and independence. Give us a call today to see how Prime can help you. A medical alert device is the answer to all of your independent living needs. Request a free brochure or a call from one of our highly trained professionals to find out why our medical alert products are the perfect companion for enjoying the comforts of your own home.

Our focus on simplicity and ease of use revolutionizes independent living. Additionally, our systems are rated #1 by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). We guarantee you'll love using one of our medical alert systems.

Better Business Bureau Certification

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Safe and independent living at the push of a button.

1 Press your Help Button 2 Speak with an EMT 3 Help is On The Way

Press Your Medical Alert Button and We Take Care of the Rest

1 Press Your Help Button

Wear your medical alert whenever you are in your home. Both systems are lightweight, water resistant and works both inside and outside the house. Both the Traditional PERS (speak through the base unit) and the LifeSentry (speak through the bracelet, necklace, or belt-clip) can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or belt-clips.

2 Speak with an EMT

Once connected to the emergency operator and their supervisor, you can communicate to either over the base or over the necklace, bracelet, or belt-clip; our operators are EMT certified with post-secondary degrees. In the event of an emergency the operators are able to directly dispatch instead of calling the local 911 and losing valuable time.

3 Help is on The Way

Depending upon your instructions; we will notify the emergency services, family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else on the list of emergency contacts. There are no charges for actual or accidental emergencies; they can be used to dispatch ambulance, fire and police. The operator and the supervisor stay on the line until help arrives.

Alarm Monitoring Certifications

Our Facility Where The Emergency Calls are Answered

Certified EMTs

Our teams of SIA-Certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) provide unparalleled performance, and are "always there" to dispatch emergency services and provide us with detailed signal activity reports.

Two Operators on A Call

Both the primary EMT and the lead EMT assess the situation and dispatch accordingly. They are able to dispatch the ambulance, police, fire-department in addition to notifying emergency contacts.

Medical Alert Specialists

Our operators specialized in two way monitoring (medical alert monitoring). They are available 24/7/365 to to assist when needed.

Based in the United States

All of our operators are based in the United States and are accent neutral. We have Spanish speaking operators on staff as well.