Why Did Kobe Go to Germany?

This experimental surgery that has many basketball players traveling out of the United States. According to the results, artritis, inflammation and many other ailments were mitigated and in some cases cured with the revolutionary treatments. The treatments involve take out approximately a cup of blood from the patient, warming up the blood to induce a “fever”, removing part of the blood with a centrifuge, and then reinjecting the blood back into the patient.

These treatments must be approved by the FDA and therefore extensive researching and testing must be done in order for them to be introduced into the US market. Germany allows practice of these experimental medical procedures. This is why many athletes, wealthy individuals and people that have tried everything else, are going to Germany in desparation. According the the doctors performing the procedures, ther is an extremely high success rate somewhere along the range of 65%. This is amazing but critics would like to attribute this success rate to physical therapy. The problem is that these patients have tried nearly everything without any relief of pain and/or symptoms. 


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