Where are You Getting Your Prescription Drugs?

The FDA recently announced it is cracking down on websites that are selling potentially unsafe, and often unproven, fake pharmaceuticals. This comes at the heels of the fifth annual Internet Week of Action, where the FDA takes a crack at websites that are selling potentially counterfeit and illegal medicines.

This announcement has catapulted conversation for many seniors currently taking prescription medicine. Are they receiving safe, and thoroughly reviewed, prescriptions? Are the affects of non-qualified health insurance and expensive premiums forcing seniors to take online shortcuts to obtain their medications? If so, are they resorting to these aforementioned and allegedly illegal or unsafe meds sold online?

Although it’s not a clean sweep of the system, the majority of prescription medication users in the United States are senior citizens. Of that majority, another large faction is on some form of medical alert system. Speaking for Prime Medical Alert, I feel it appropriate to ask how many of those needing emergency medical assistance needed medical attention because of their faulty prescriptions. This is a worry that should be addressed not just by medical alert users, but anyone who is struggling with the uncertainty and woes of our current economic station.

Not all these woes are economic. Some of the struggle of paying for prescription drugs deals with the availability, or eligibility, of health insurance. Reuters recently published a poll in accordance with the Affordable Care Act demonstrating over two-thirds of Americans support the ACA’s, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, decision to grant insurance coverage to those under the age of 26 on their parent’s plan. For those who are 26 or younger, and whose parents have an insurance plan, the worry over health care is minimal if existent. But what of those who are older and have no options but to pay out of pocket for medical expenses? The cost alone for insurance is staggering without adding prescription drugs. It’s easy to see why someone would willingly pay outrageously low costs to an online company to receive moderately comparable medication.

With all the uncertainty of possible healthcare reform, we must truly ask ourselves if it’s worth sacrificing quality and assurance for a little extra cash in our pocket. Procedures will change and policies will be reformed. We will be made to change and adapt, but ultimately we will continue to rely on the benefits of modern medicine. Who knows, our time may come when we may need to make the decision between life and death with our prescribed medications. If that day ever comes are you going to put your life into the hands of counterfeits and bootleggers? Medicine for thought.

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