The Pill and Prostate Cancer

It is common knowledge that elevated estrogen levels are synonymous with prostate cancer. In highly developed countries, ethinyloestradiol,  synthetic estrogen is bountiful in the water supply. This is due to the fact that women on birth control pills excrete this compound in their urine. Plants and other animals consume these products which then humans consume. Drinking water is not the problem, but rather the build-up of the ethinyloestradiol in plants and animals. Similarly to the way that sardines and other smaller fish do contain traces of mercury, but are not of any consequences to those that eat them. However, the fish that eat the smaller fish are the ones with the most concentrated amounts of mercury (tuna, marlin, orange roughy, etc…). 

Drinking filtered water is a must and minimizing exposure to other synthetic estrogens like BPA is necessary. Reducing body fat percentage is also a plus. Fat cells not only store excess estrogen, but also cause the body to make more estrogen, putting a man at even more elevated risks for prostate cancer (with constant environmental factors)

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