The Oldest Plant Revived From Russian Permafrost

Before the Silene stenophylla was revived, the oldest ever revived plant was the date plant, coming from Israel, approximately 2000 years ago. The s. stenophylla that was preserved in the russia perma-frost, came from an era 32,000 years ago. This is significant, because with today’s technology, we are able to preserve seeds at the same temperature. In today’s seed banks, the approximate survival rate is near 2% after 160 years. After that point, the DNA begins to degrade. Even though Russian Scientists were not able to directly germinate the seeds, they were able to clone them at an unprecedented success. The newly cloned plants even produced viable seeds. 

In terms of health and more towards the scope of this blog, we look at the DNA preservation. We know the lotus is able to maintain its DNa for around 1,300 years (this is the oldest dated preserved DNA lotus sample). DNA preservation could one be used to thwart cancer and end many of the ailments of aging.

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