Over the years, studies have come up supporting and negating the benefits of antidepressants. The studies say that exercise is a could replace the antidepressants, and now a new study shows that talk therapy may be beneficial to those on antidepressants. So which is it? Should we continue to take our antidepressants or should we focus on exercise and communication.

The new study showed that people who do not respond to antidepressants alone, may respond to talk therapy. It did not however show the effects of talk therapy alone on antidepressants. The patients in the study continued to take their antidepressants as usual. This is the first study of its kind to show that talk therapy along with a drug treatment was more effective than the drug treatment itself.

Both exercise and communication are shown to boost the moods of people. Exercise allows us to produce more endorphins, a natural substance our body needs to maintain a positive mood. Talking allows individuals to express their needs and often get the weight of their problems off their shoulders. It allows them to feel more connected to the community. The one problem with talk therapy is that is more expensive than antidepressants and therefore not as readily available. Even with the talk therapy, the doctors suggest that the patients still continue to take their antidepressants.

During the studies done, approximately half of the patients getting both the talk therapy and the antidepressants were showing signs of decreased depression. The studies did not include exercise or any other therapy, but nearly every other study has pointed to exercise being positive. If you have depression and the antidepressants aren’t working, it’s a good idea to not only stay active, but seek out friends and family to talk with and possibly include a session of talk therapy every week. 

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