/ SurePod

SurePod Cellular & GPS Medical Alert

SurePod by Prime Medical Alert not only provides at-home independence, but provides freedom and security everywhere. With the simple press of a button, our certified EMT emergency operators are able to locate the user and dispatch immediately. SurePod is lightweight and similar to our Traditional Medical Alert and the Medipendant, we have your medical history, emergency contacts and anything else you feel is important (information provided is always optional but recommended).

The SurePod works anywhere a cellular connection is available. This means you are no longer tied to an in home base station. SurePod comes with built-in high-speed GSM network communication and GPS technology (much more accurate than comparative technologies). Combining high-speed communication with accurate positioning reduces the amount of time needed to respond to an emergency.

SurePod is equipped with the most advanced assisted GPS technology, locating you with precision. Our monitoring center is UL certified and triple redundant and you can be sure you are secure your calls are always answered by certified EMTs. Help with be there whenever and wherever you need it.