Staying Cool With What We Eat

Even though we are coming close to the summers end, it is still important to stay cool for the last couple months. Surprisingly, our body’s internal thermostat is controlled quite a bit by the foods we eat. Staying hydrated is an obvious one.

Drinking cold drinks can have an adverse effect; they cool that part of the body in contact with the cold but the rest of the body then kicks in, shutting off so

me functions to warm the cold parts up to body temperature, providing no relief from the heat.

Spicy foods and astringent foods such as wines (if you drink) are two more. The do researches do recommend eating fruits and vegetables packed with 

water such as cucumbers and watermelon. If you are looking for your vitamins and minerals, whole grains do the trick; they contain magnesium and calcium, the same vitamins found in sports drinks.

But back to spicy foods; why do these keep us cool? People in tropical and arid climates tend to have more spiced up cuisine than the people of let’s say central Europe. They contain capsaicin, which drives the spicy sensation and causes us to sweat. The perspiration evaporates and causes our skin to cool. Ginger has a similar effect. The reason foods like wines work is that the astringency dries out the cells they contact and causes them to absorb more water (obviously moderation when it comes to alcohol). If you don’t drink wine every day, teas and coffees will do the trick. They contain compounds called tannins, which force hydration.

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