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We offer a wide range of seniors alert systems. Whether you are looking for the standard system where you can speak through the base unit, have a necklace or bracelet with a button, and can be put in touch with an operator, or you would like the LifeSentry, which has the speaker located on the bracelet or necklace itself, you have come to the right place.

There are a lot of different companies in the seniors alert systems field and making the right decision can be tough. You first have to find out if you the company is reputable. This can be done through a quick internet search. Additionally, if the company is a member of the BBB, this is a good indicator that they are reputable. Take a look at the BBB and find out what grade they are given. Generally, companies with an A+ are a good place to start.

Below is our new BBB certification; we have had an A+ for several years and this came in the mail over the weekend:

Prime Medical Alert BBB

After you do a quick background check on the company, give them a call and ask some pre-prepared questions to find out how they stack against the other companies selling seniors alert systems. Their sales people should be prompt and knowledgable. Make sure there are no contracts or other hidden fees. In the 1990s, there used to be a standard of having a 3 year contract with activation, installation and any other fee the clients would pay. Now with the internet and much more competition, these fees have been eliminated. If the company wants a setup fee and contract term, they are likely selling the contract to another company and you are pretty much funding their advertising. Companies like Prime, do not have contracts and do not charge setup fees for their seniors alert systems.

Next, it’s time to ask about their monitoring centers. Do they used certified EMTs? First of all, what is an EMT and why is it important? An EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. This means that they are certified to answer emergency calls. Rather than a standard call center technician, only people based in the United States can have an EMT certification. Asking if they are EMTs eliminates companies that outsource their monitoring oversees. It also ensures quality.

Next, ask if the people answering the emergency calls only handle seniors alert systems emergency calls. If they are handling other calls like regular alarm systems, they may try to push through the seniors alert systems call to handle the higher volume alarm calls. All of the people that work with Prime handle only seniors alert systems calls. They are specialized to not only efficiently and effectively dispatch the appropriate authorities/emergency contacts, but they also are trained with comforting the client during their emergency.

What about the seniors alert systems monitoring facility? What happens in the event of a power failure? Are there backup generators and even a backup facility? If the answer is no to either of these questions, again, I would be skeptical. All of the facilities at Prime are triple redundant, UL certified facilities. This is the highest standard and approval in the monitoring field.

Now let’s talk a little about the technology itself. You want to make sure the bracelets and necklaces are water resistant. They need to be able to function in the shower and/or bath, while washing the dishes, while gardening, etc… Ask about the ranges. The range on our devices depends on which device you are purchasing. Our range goes from about 600 feet and up to 1000 feet. This works great for most residential properties and in general, covers the inside of the house (the basement, upstairs and downstairs), and the front and back yards. It can also cover the client out into the street and a little ways down. 600 feet is equivalent to 2 football fields. There is some degradation of signal due to the building materials, but in general, these ranges are much more than sufficient. We ask the clients to test out their seniors alert systems upon arrival and if for any reason you are unsatisfied, simply send the seniors alert system back and we will offer you a full refund.

You might be wondering how the first responders enter into the house. We provide a complimentary lockbox with each purchase. The lockbox securely holds a key for quick access to the house. It is similar to the boxes the real-estate agents use.  In this manner, the first responders can get inside the house in a timely manner without causing damage. If there is no key or no way to enter and the emergency responders arrive at the house, they are required to break down the door or break out a window. This can be extremely costly, and if the client is taken to the hospital, their house is left open and vulnerable. With the lockbox, we provide the first responders with the access code and after they leave the house, they are able to lock the house and return the key to the secure lockbox.

Another question that might have arisen is what happens in the event the client is unable to speak after pressing their senior alert system button? Upon signup, we setup a predesignated plan of action. This plan specifies exactly what to do in an emergency and also what to do if the client is not responsive. It can include calling calling the home phone to make sure it wasn’t an accident, and then calling neighbors, friends or family members. We can also directly dispatch or create a combination and customized plan.

Setup is very easy and very quick. Simply plug the base unit into a power supply. There is a backup battery in the base to aid the resident in the event of a power failure. Next, plug the phone cord into the phone jack. If there is an existing phone, don’t worry. We include a splitter at no extra charge. Just unplug the phone and/or whatever else is plugged into the phone jack and plug it into the port specified for phone on the back of the unit. Our tech support members are available at all hours to assist. Once you have plug everything in, there is an on and off switch. Turn the switch to the on position. You are completely ready to go. There is no additional programming or anything else required. After this, press the emergency button on the bracelet or necklace to test your senior alert system. Once you speak to an operator, you know it is completely ready to go.

In this way, Prime is able to ensure that you or your loved ones enjoy independence in the freedom of their house with the simply addition of a senior alert system. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or request additional information.

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