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Scottsdale Medical Alert System

Are you looking for a medical alert system in Scottsdale? Prime Medical Alert, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, services Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. With a Scottsdale medical alert system, you simply press your bracelet or necklace and an operator is alerted. Once the system connects to the operator, the client in distress can ask them for specific assistance. Depending upon what is necessary, we are able to dispatch the police, the fire department, or the ambulance. After a dispatch, the emergency contacts are notified if necessary. In addition, if the client is unable to speak, we disconnect and call their home phone. If there is still no answer, the Prime Medical Alert operators can either call emergency contacts or directly dispatch. Again, with every dispatch, the contacts are notified.

The bracelets and necklaces that come with the Scottsdale medical alert systems are water resistant. This is especially important in Arizona because people partake in a lot of water activities. These can include things like showering, taking a bath, gardening, washing the dishes, etc. In this manner, you don’t have to be worried about taking the necklace or bracelet off because of the water.

The necklaces and bracelets are hassle free. They have batteries in them that last 4-5 years. Once they run low, one of our operators will contact you to let you know a replacement necklace or bracelet is coming. Since we’re local, they can be sent overnight or dropped off for our Scottsdale medical alert system clients. The systems are tested daily and if there are any issues, we replace the system free of charge (issues are extremely rare).

Setup is simple as well. Simply plug the system in and you are ready to go. After you plug the power and the phone cord in (if you don’t have a home phone line, don’t worry), you simply press the emergency necklace or bracelet and wait for an operator to come on. After it connects and you speak with the operator, the system is activated.

All of our operators are EMT (emergency medical technician) certified. This means you are getting paramedic quality operators. Our operators specifically handle medical alert emergency calls and have a lot more experience in handling these type of calls than other operators. They are accent neutral and available 24/7. We think it is a plus that Prime Medical Alert is based locally in Phoenix. We have been serving the Valley since 2005. Whether you are looking for a Scottsdale medical alert system, or for a system in the surrounding areas, we can answer any questions (we service the whole United States) 24/7. Please give us a call, toll free at 800-723-6442.

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