Python and Heart Disease

Python Hearts Treat Human Cardiac Arrest

After a python consumes a meal, many of their internal organs, including the heart, double in size. What is interesting is that the heart stays undamaged and eventually returns to its normal size upon digestion of the meal. After the meal the python’s blood is so full of triglycerides, that the blood becomes milky white in color. However, the python is able to use these fats over time extremely efficiently, without any damage to the heart.

There are two main scenarios in which the human heart grows. The first is with athletes. The heart increases in size proportionally with its chambers, making its job much easier. The second is when people have high blood pressure; the heart swells and takes up space in the heart chamber, causing it to work harder to produce pump less and less blood. 

The researchers of this study look into ways to help the rest of the heart increase in size to mitigate the effects of a damaged heart.

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