Years ago, there was a very different outlook on hospitals and what happened to their patients after they left. It was almost beneficial for their patients to be readmitted – in terms of money the hospital was receiving. Recently, hospitals, home health agencies, hospice groups, and anybody taking money from the federal government has been under scrutiny. They have put limits on their programs and are making an attempt to fight some of the healthcare “fraud” that these agencies have been blamed for. With the cutbacks, it is now not as profitable for the hospitals to take patients back; especially if their insurances won’t pay the hospital any more. With this in mind, the hospitals have been providing more services to help the patients stay healthy after they leave.

One of the biggest problems that brings patients back to a hospital and quickly is taking the wrong medication amounts, bad reactions to their current medications, and reactions among the medications themselves. After a survey of around 400 discharges from the Yale-New Haven hospital went around, they found out that 81 percent of the patients were prescribed the wrong does, missing a drug they actually needed, or never even got the prescription in the first place.

Many hospitals are providing assistance to their patients after they leave the hospital. They provide dietary guides, medication monitoring, and make sure the patients overall health is not declining (by use of logs). Often times after just asking the patient what they are eating and giving suggestions helps a ton. Many patients don’t know what “low sodium” or “reduced calories” means. By making a simple call, the diets can be adjusted and keep the patients out of the hospital over complications such as retaining fluids from a bad diet in the case of congestive heart failure.

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