Obesity Reduces Effectiveness of Vaccinations

People are very familiar with the fact that obesity leads to health risks and problems but a new study points out the correlation between obesity and vaccination effectiveness. Additionally, the study found that obese individuals who do contract the influenzas they are vaccinated against would risk getting the influenza at a much greater severity.

The way that flu vaccines work is by introducing antigens (viruses and bacteria) into the body. This is traditionally done in the form of a shot. When the body is able to identify the antigens, it then develops protein that circulates through the blood. These proteins are called antibodies. Since antibodies are disease specific, the flu shot generally contains one influenza type A subtype H3N2 virus strain, one influenza type A subtype H1N1 (seasonal) virus strain, and one influenza type B virus strain.

The study found out the antibody concentration in the blood drastically decreased over time in obese individuals (everything else remaining consistent) when compared to individuals that were not obese.

This is especially important in elderly individuals who already have a somewhat weakened immune system. There are ways to offset obesity and being an elderly individual. Ask your doctor about a high dose vacc

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