Increase Testosterone the Natural Way with These 10 Simple Steps

10 Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone the Natural Way

There are many natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

1.)  Diet – Make sure you are eating enough calories; lower calorie diets are associated with lower testosterone levels. Also make sure to vary what you eat; you need dietary cholesterol, animal protein, cruciferous vegetables and plenty of carbs. Avoid excess fat as well as over eating.

2.)  Sleep – A direct correlation between the duration an individual spends sleeping and their testosterone levels. Sleep not only helps restores brain function but also contributes to an increased production of growth hormone.

3.)  Weight Lifting – Long-term weight lifting/strength training has been shown to increase basal testosterone levels.

4.)  Fat Loss – Fat cells increase estrogen levels in the body. Higher estrogen levels limit the testosterone levels. For individuals that are overweight, simply shed a few pounds and you can reap the benefits of higher testosterone levels.

5.)  Attitude – Mind over matter. Depression as well as stress depletes the body’s testosterone levels. Consider simple meditation, take short naps, or try to spend an hour or so partaking in activities you find rewarding.

6.)  Lowering Sugar Intake – Watch your glycemic load and …

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