Impatience and the Holiday Season

>We all know that stress is bad, but not a lot of us associate impatience as being bad as well. As we get older, it is more and more important to protect our body and the vital organs that keep us alive. When a person, especially an older person, is in a long holiday line and can barely wait to get to that front, is set off/annoyed by the smallest things, or never had the patients to begin with, it might be a good idea to avoid activities that cause impatience. Impatience is a direct contributor to stress which leads to heart attacks, blood clots, sleep irregularities and many more unwanted issues.

This is especially true if you have a type A personality. People with type A personalities are known for being high strung and always need to get to the next activity. They are stuck in a sense of urgency.

Impatience causes similar hormones to those released during stress. These hormones cause the body’s fat cells to deposit fat into the blood stream. This type of fat can be caught by the plaque in the arteries, and quickly raises the risk for an artery-clogging clot.

Since we are now in the holiday season, a time when lines are longer, drivers clog the parking lots and people are trying to get a lot done in a little time, impatience is on the rise. Get your shopping done early and at times when most people aren’t shopping. For some people, especially those with pre-existing heart conditions, it is probably a good idea to completely avoid holiday shopping. Shop a month or two ahead of time and save yourself the stress. Another alternative is shopping online, there are no lines, and if you shop early enough, you won’t have to worry about your gifts making it in time for the holidays.

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