If I Don’t have a Landline can I Still get a Medical Alert?

If I don't have a landline phone line can I still get a medical alert system?

It used to be that many years ago there were very few if any options for those people without phone lines (for people that did not have landline phone lines). However, with new technology, we are now able to offer you a medical alert system even if you don’t have a phone line. Now we understand it is important for the battery to last a long time (3-4 years) and for there to be little maintenance. The problem with many newer medical alert systems without phone lines is that they require the medical alert bracelet or necklace to be charged daily/every couple of days.

By default a medical alert is supposed to be warn 24/7, while sleeping, bathing, etc. If the client has to take it off to charge the device or take it off to take a shower, what good is the system. We offer a new system that works in the house and only requires that you plug the power supply in. This means that the setup is even simpler than the already simple setup. When you get the device, just plug the power cord in and turn the off and on switch to the on position. At this point you are free to perform a test.

Subsequent tests are done automatically both daily and weekly to ensure the necklace or bracelet is working and the main system that connects to our monitoring station is working. With a system being this easy and maintenance free and also not requiring a landline phone line, there are no excuses not to stay independent in a safe manner.

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