Hearing Loss and Intimacy Among Elderly

Hearing loss is often associated with a loss of intimacy with the person that is hard of hearing and the people they associate with. Many times, those who are hard of hearing find themselves nodding in agreement (not being able to understanding what is actually going on) with their peers/acquaintances in a social gathering. They begin to feel left out and eventually there is a real loss of intimacy.

Of course you can say I told you so, but hearing loss prevention isn’t really an option for those individuals. Being sensitive to the fact that they cannot hear is definitely a good place to start. Having one on one conversation with the individuals who are hard of hearing is also a good idea. Now this is not saying that they cannot alleviate many of the problems caused from hearing loss.

Working with a lot of elderly, I find that many of them are hesitant to wear hearing aids. This is not to say that this is a fix all, but it helps bring the person not able to hear closer to those they care about and the people that care about them.

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