I am sure most of you know that the last year’s flu season was the latest flu season to start in the last 24 years. It began in February. This year we have the opposite problem. Instead of a later start we have an extremely early start. According to the CDC, the levels of flu problems we are seeing now shouldn’t be happening until January. This is especially a concern for those that are extremely young and or for those that are elderly. The good news is that this year’s vaccination strains are very similar to the infections people are contracting. This means you will have a high likelihood of not getting the flu with a vaccination.

Each year about 25% of Americans wind up getting the flu – the majority of them are not vaccinated – and 36,000 of them die. Despite all of the myths going around about vaccinations, there is such a minimal risk with the flu shot that it is worth getting. The flu going around this year is the same strain as the flu that went around during the 2003 – 2004 flu season and killed 48,000 people nationwide. The flus making people sick this year are the H3N2 and the 2009 H1N1, also known as the pandemic swine flu. The way to most probably avoid the flu is getting a shot like the 112 million other people this year.

If you are a senior, make sure you speak with your doctor or pharmacist. They will most likely recommend a stronger dosage because as we age, our immune systems have a weaker response. With a stronger dosage we are able to produce a enough antibodies to fight off the infection.

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