Eight Early Signs of Dementia

As people age, they also become more prone to different conditions. One of the most common conditions that may be experienced by older adults is dementia. This is a condition that involves cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that, at later stages, will require care at an Alzheimer’s care facility. There are different symptoms that people experiencing this may show. One of the most common ones is forgetfulness. It is a common misconception to see dementia as a single disease. It is not and it actually has different symptoms that can affect not only the memory but also the way a person communicates. 

For those with dementia, medical alerts provide safety.

To understand more about dementia, here are the early signs that can help you determine the presence of the condition in an individual: 

Difficulty Talking

Some of the clients of memory care facilities for seniors are showing symptoms of dementia. One of which is difficulty in talking. You will notice that a person with dementia may struggle to present his or her own thoughts. They may have a hard time explaining what they really mean. Expressing their thoughts and finding the right words may be so difficult. This is why it is sometimes impossible to have a clear and direct conversation with them. 

Mood Swings

Another thing that is expected from a person with dementia is mood swing. It is very easy for them to change their mood because there is difficulty in recognizing themselves. You can expect them to have a shift in their personality. They can go from being so outgoing to becoming very shy. Dementia has an effect on people’s judgement. The sad part in this specific change is that the person may experience depression. This may result from his or her inability to really make sense of what he or she is feeling. 

Lack of Concentration

The mind plays a very important role whenever you are doing something. This is why having dementia can be very difficult for people. One of the symptoms of this condition is lack of concentration. You cannot expect a dementia patient to be a hundred percent attentive. This is caused by the confusion and some judgement lapses that they are experiencing. This lack of concentration may lead to some other problems like inability to remember even the faces of the people who are always around them. It can also affect the way they interact with their family members and friends. Aside from that, it can also be a reason why they are placed in difficult situations like not being able to find their car keys. 

Being Repetitive

This is something that results from the other symptoms of dementia. Becoming repetitive is a result of the behavioral changes and memory loss. The person will have the tendency to mention things repeatedly. They may talk about doing some tasks to the same person for the rest of the day. Aside from that, they also have the tendency to be asking the same questions repeatedly. This is why it is very important to have a lot of patience when you are caring for someone with dementia. 

Struggling to Adapt to Change

This is something that some people in assisted senior living may experience. Change is something that must be expected because there are a lot of unexpected things that may happen in life. But for a person with dementia, the fear of change can be one of the things they may experience. There are different reasons why they struggle with change. This is something that is connected to their loss of memory and forgetfulness. They may not remember where they are going. They may forget what to say next. And most importantly, they may not remember their family members. This is why they become fearful when they are confronted by new experiences. 

Trouble Understanding Visual Images

Another symptom that can help you detect dementia in its early stage is trouble understanding visual images. This is something that you can test or something that you can observe. For people with dementia, they may have difficulty determining color. They may also have an issue in terms of distance, and this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It may cause a problem with driving. Aside from the obvious vision problem, they may also experience problems reading. 

Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks

Another sad thing about developing dementia is that it makes you forget even the simplest tasks that you used to do. People with dementia may experience difficulty following simple steps. You may notice that they cannot follow the rules of the game they used to play. They may struggle following the routine they used to have. This is why it is very important for them to be guided and assisted in their daily lives. It is very difficult for people with dementia to actually do some tasks especially those that need complex steps. 

Inability to Manage a Budget

There are different reasons why a person with dementia may have difficulty budgeting or managing his or her finances. There are cases when they experience short term memory changes. They get confused and lack of concentration may lead to some lapses or mistakes in dealing with money and computation. The usual activity of managing can become a burden to them to the point that they may no longer be able to do it on their own. 

Seeing a doctor upon seeing the symptoms is something that can help your family member who is developing dementia. The opinion of an expert is very important before concluding that one member of your family has dementia. It is also very important to look into their diet and activities. There are different ways on how to lessen the risk of developing dementia. One of which is to eat the right food and to keep the body healthy. 

The brain is connected to the other systems in the body. Whatever the condition of the body is, it can also affect the brain. Being healthy and living a lifestyle that will limit deterioration in the body will certainly help you lessen the risk of dementia in your family and lower the need for dedicated dementia care facilities in the future.

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