When is comes to medical alert systems in Dallas, there are a lot of options and a lot of factors to consider. The first is whether or not they are linked up to the local Dallas dispatch. A lot of companies say they are but when it comes down to they are just calling the Dallas 911 system. This works fine, but when calling from out of state there are additional verifications that must happen which in turn, slows the dispatch process down and extends the time it takes for the first responders to arrive the client in distress. With a company like Prime Medical Alert, since we are linked up directly with the local dispatch in Dallas and all surrounding areas, dispatch is quick and efficient. We are able to send the ambulance, fire department or police department out directly without having to go through 911 (essentially skipping the middle man).

Another factor to consider for Dallas medical alert systems is whether the equipment is up to date. All of the equipment Prime uses is of the highest standard. It’s 10 year old equipment we bought because it was inexpensive. High quality equipment is one of the many factors that effects client retention. With higher clue t retention we are able to offer much lower prices with a higher service standard.

Dallas medical alert systems should also include the equipment. Years ago when the medical alert field was much smaller and information wasn’t as easily accessible, companies charged for equipment, setup and activation. Our Dallas medical alert systems come completely setup and ready to go; installation is minimal. Simply plug the main unit into the power outlet and the phone cord into the wall jack, turn the on/off switch too on, and you are ready to go (it comes with a splitter if you are using all of your phone jacks in your home). Everything is included with our service including a complimentary lockbox (the lockbox holds a spare key the first responders have access to for easy entry). We include expedited shipping complimentary which means as soon as you place your order, you can expect to receive it in around 2 business days.

We make it simple to understand so there are no surprises when you receive your Dallas medical alert system. We are available around the clock to answer questions.

Linear PERS

Our most basic medical alert system; includes both a bracelet and necklace attachment.
Linear PERS Product Page


A mobile medical alert; speak directly to an operator through the wearable device.
eResponder Product Page


Speak directly through both the bracelet and necklace 24/7 to an EMT certified operator.
LifeSentry Product Page

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