Economical Medical Alert System

What is the most economical medical alert company?

You’re probably looking for an economical medical alert system. Don’t worry, we’re all looking for savings, whatever the product. Here at Prime Medical Alert, we offer high quality monitoring done by EMTs at very low rates. If you find a cheaper company out there, we’ll match their prices. If you’re still not convinced, the question you need to ask is whether or not other companies offer comparable service and comparable technology in regards to equipment. Most of the time the answer is no. It is often dated equipment backed by inferior service and inferior customer service. Of course the emergency response capability is the most important, but for us, costumer service and product experience are close seconds. With cheaper medical alert systems, the customer service may or may not be there. Many times there aren’t live people to answer. This is great until you have a problem or a question such as, “how do I know my medical alert system is working?” Or “what is the light that just turned on and then off?” Also, during setup, it is nice (for us a necessity) to have a knowledgeable and friendly agent to walk you through the process.

Does Prime Offer the most Economical Medical Alert System?

Our prices listed are not necessarily the cheapest, but we are very competitive. Again, if you can find a cheaper medical alert provider, show us the brochure/website and we’re more than happy to match the price. The best thing about Prime Medical Alert is that all of our systems, including the cheapest and most basic, are backed by the same high-end monitoring service. Our most basic system is the Linear PERS. This system is backed by monitoring done by certified EMTs, the same certification that paramedics are required to get. All of the monitoring is done in the USA and all of the operators are accent neutral. Quick communication is of the utmost importance for an elderly or disabled individual having an emergency. Our monitoring agents are very experienced in medical alert monitoring. Many agencies use standard call centers with very little, to no emergency monitoring experience. Whether or not ours is the cheapest medical alert system or not, we certainly offer dependable service and high quality products!

Linear PERS

Our most basic medical alert system; includes both a bracelet and necklace attachment.
Linear PERS Product Page


A mobile medical alert; speak directly to an operator through the wearable device.
eResponder Product Page


Speak directly through both the bracelet and necklace 24/7 to an EMT certified operator.
LifeSentry Product Page

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