Cell Phones and Hearing Loss

“Researchers fear the growing popularity of portable music players and other items that attach directly to the ears — including cell phones — is contributing to hearing loss in younger people” 

This article talked about many of the implications this had to young individuals, but failed to mention those who are middle aged and elderly and turn up their cell phone volume. 

As we age, our ears are already damaged. This means we are especially at risk for further damage; noting the fact that those who are aging and/or are elderly must already turn up the volume to account for their less sensitive hearing. It is kind of like a snowball effect where the more you turn up the volume, the higher the volume of damage incurred. You must find a way to hear the person speaking on the phone without incurring too much damage. This means avoid talking in loud place and if possible, talk in an isolated area, where only you are making the sound. Also, find a phone that has a wide range of volume adjustments. Turn the phone to the lowest possible volume that you can still hear the person on …

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