Antioxidant and Hearing Loss Prevention

Everybody knows that as we age, our hearing gradually decreases in sensitivity; this means we lose the ability to hear. Forty percent of those older than 65 suffer hearing loss which attributes to approximately 70 million Americans not being able to hear.

There is a little good news. Researchers at several universities across the world having found that simple chemical substances, specifically antioxidants, help keep old mice hearing at the same sensitivity level as when they were young.

The researchers linked excessive exposure to free radicals without the polarizing antioxidants to stop them led to more excessive hearing loss in older mice. Something that is different about the cells of the inner ear is that they do not replace themselves when they die.

The researchers identified two antioxidants that stood out: “alpha lipoic acid (found in organic meats) and coenzyme Q10 (abundant in meat, fish and poultry). When we fed [normal] mice these antioxidants in their food, they were protected from free radical damage in the cochlea”

One interesting point is that the entire body benefits from the higher antioxidants.

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