An Anecdote About Lockboxes and Medical Alerts

I come to you with this story not out of desire to mock the misfortune of others. This is a well intentioned, illustrative story about one of our customers that made the wrong decision about the use of a lockbox on their door. A customer of ours really did not want to have a lockbox on their door. They had painted it a few years back and were of the opinion that a lockbox significantly reduced their painted door’s aesthetic appeal.

I bring you this story because our client had to use their medical alert. They were not feeling well and used their medical alert to call the ambulance to their house. Now here we encounter the problem of overzealous city paramedics. They felt that since an older person had not reached the door within two seconds of knocking that they should force entry into the house. They cracked the door a couple of seconds before it would have been opened. If the client had been using a lockbox, the paramedics would have been given the code from our dispatch service and the door would have been saved. Please use a lockbox if you use a medical alert. They are free and we really do have your best interests at heart.

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