6 Easy Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Get your hearing checked – I know this may sound terrible, but you need to objectively measure your ears from one period of time to another to make sure you are actually taking the proper care of them.

Spend your ears and your inners wisely – every time you listen to a loud sound or expose yourself to a loud environment, damage is caused to your ears. Although this sounds a bit crazy, you don’t want to waste good hearing on listening to jackhammers at a construction site. Don’t worry about infrequent loud noises; your ears were built to handle this.

Take the “lawnmower test” – if something is as loud as your lawnmower, you need ear protection. This means even while moving the lawn, or possibly vacuuming (for some of the older vacuums), protect your ears.

Use sound-isolating or noise-canceling headphones – in semi-loud and loud environments, we have a tendency to turn up the volume in our headphones. The loud noising surrounding us cancel out the music and we gradually end up turning the headphones louder and louder.

Quit smoking – back to the other article I wrote; quit smoking. Smoking causes and unnatural amount 

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