Do I Need a Prime Medical Alert?

Starting Up:
What to Know About Contracts and Services


Basic Components

In general, there are two basic components of a medical alert system; the base console or base unit, and the personal transmitter device.

With Prime Medical Alert’s cellular eResponder, everything is built into the necklace and therefore it is mobile there are no restrictions in regards to taking the device with you.

For the units that do have a base unit, the base unit’s purpose is to house the receiver and in the case of the Linear PERS and the Amberlink (also does not require a phone line), the voice amplifier that allows the customer to communicate with a 911 operator wherever they are in the house.

With the eResponder and the LifeSentry, the voice amplifier and microphone are built directly into the necklace or bracelet.

Range of Prime Systems

Both the Linear PERS and the Amberlink Medical Alarm Systems have a range of up to 1000 feet (approximately 36,000 square feet) and the LifeSentry has a range of approximately 600 feet, which allows them complete coverage in the largest of homes. The eResponder works on the cellular network and does not have a predefined range. It can be worn inside and outside the house for use during an emergency situation.

Water Resistance

All of our units, including the eResponder, are water resistant which means they work in the shower and bath. The shower and bath areas are prone to many accidents because of the already slick surfaces getting water on them and becoming even more slippery. It’s very important the devices work in areas that can get wet. This is not limited to the shower/bathroom, the kitchen while washing dishes and/or cooking, the garden, the pool area, and the laundry room.

Choosing the Right System

Many clients ask us which system would best suit their needs. This depends on a variety of factors. The first question we ask is how big their house is, do they or do they not have a home landline telephone line, and would they like to be able to go anywhere with their device or do they primarily stay in their residence? If the client lives in condominium or small apartment and stays inside or close to the apartment, the Linear PERS is a great option.

Once You’re A Client:
How We Maintain Equipment and Ongoing Service



The communication is through the centrally located base unit and therefore the range is more limited. If the client lives in a larger house, frequently spends time in the front/back yard and is worried about staying in communication with the operator, the LifeSentry is the unit for them. If the client does not have a phone line, the Amberlink is an advanced in the home system, while the eResponder can go outside the house and has location technology to pinpoint the client wherever they may press their emergency button.

Easy Use

With any system, as soon as the client presses their necklace or bracelet, a signal is sent to the central monitoring center and operator comes on the line. If the client is unable to respond, we disconnect from the medical alarm system and attempt to call their house. With the eResponder, we start processing the location information simultaneous to this. If they do not answer, most likely it is an emergency.

Emergency Protocol

At this point, we can proceed one of two ways (the client lets us know their preference at the time of signup). We can either call emergency contacts and ask them what they would like to do (if we can’t get a hold of emergency contacts we dispatch) or we can dispatch directly (and then we notify emergency contacts). All devices can be used to summon the ambulance, police or fire department services. We are able to store as many emergency contacts as you deem necessary in addition to pertinent medical information to help first responders in the event of an emergency.

Simple Installation

All of our systems can be installed within minutes, simply requiring a phone and power cord be plugged into the wall sockets in the event of the Linear PERS and LifeSentry, plugging the unit’s power cord in for the Amberlink, and simply putting the necklace on in regards to the eResponder. If you do not have a landline phone, let our agents know and we can set you up with a system that does not require one like the Amberlink or eResponder.

Available 24/7

A representative is available 24/7 in the event help is needed during the installation process. If a power outage occurs, our units both have a backup battery within the base, which keeps it running for at least 36 hours (the eResponder lasts many months on a single charge).